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At CONSTRUCTURE we can promote our craftsmanship and expertise ad infinitum. It is our happy clients, however, that truly demonstrate who we are and what we can do for you. CONSTRUCTURE’s first and foremost priority is to satisfy our clients with outstanding craftsmanship.

Ferrari-Maserati of Long island Stuart H.

Doug, How can we thank you? … maybe the photographs of our Ferrari-Maserati Dealerships showing off your skills abilities-will be a start! 

You are a pleasure to work with and more valued as a friend.

Atlantic International Graphics Howard E.

As a result of CONSTRUCTURE’S on-time completion in just three months, we did not lose any down time at all…..as the presses were up and running and in full operation as soon as possible.

From customer service to on-time completion, CONSTRUCTURE is always on top of things as thorough as can be.

Hollywood, Florida W.S.P.

Our home has now been completed for over a year and all concerned agree that it is magnificient. We are very pleased with the final product and are especially appreciative of the “quality” workmanship and attention to detail throughout. We also appreciate the flexibility from CONSTRUCTURE as we encountered the anticipated surprises which accompany a 1930’s vintage home restoration. They are indeed professionals, and we will continue to recommend them, without qualification, to others.

Little Torch Key, Florida P.R.

Without CONSTRUCTURE’S superior workmanship, I’m sure my home would have suffered tremendous damage from Hurricane Georges. They had the smarts to plan ahead when building my home and reinforce the wood structure in anticipation that hurricanes would eventually strike again. It sure paid off! Inside and out, their work is superb…and they came in on time and on budget.


Developer of Neptune on the Bay

Dr. Richard H.

The teamwork and effort put into the project shows in the quality of the final product. Throughout the project, we were impressed by the professionalism of all the people in your company and found them a pleasure to work with.

Marketing Director, Neptune Bay Roland T.

This is the general contractor for us. These guys are amazing. We never expected this kind of quality. What they promise, they deliver.